How to Save Fuel with This New Google Maps Feature Update fuel-efficient routes

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How to Save Fuel with This New Google Maps Feature Update

Worried about burning more fuel in traffic? Google has a solution that can help commuters save more fuel through a new update available on Google Maps. With petrol and diesel prices remaining as high as they are, this new trick could be a boon for those driving around frequently.

This new feature, currently available across select countries, is expected to be launched for Indian users too. The feature update will help to pick alternative routes to save on precious petrol and diesel. The fuel-efficient drive feature is also applicable to hybrid and electric vehicles.

Google Maps now offers a choice to select preferred fuel-efficient routes when someone plans a trip. The feature, which offers alternate routes for fuel-efficient driving, can be accessed through the settings of the app. Google had introduced the feature in countries like the United States, Canada, as well as European nations.

The new Google Maps feature allows users to select the engine type of the vehicle in use. It then calculates the best possible route for the vehicle to offer energy efficiency. According to Google, “If this feature is turned on, Maps uses fuel or energy-efficiency on top of other factors like real-time traffic and road conditions to choose the best route.”

Once turned on, this feature will offer an alternate route to the existing quickest route option. However, it’s important to note that this feature does not include stops to refuel or recharge an electric vehicle.

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Activating the fuel-efficient route option is easy. Simply open the Google Maps app on your smartphone and make the necessary changes. If the update is available in your location, tap on the profile icon in the top right corner to go to settings. From there, navigate to the navigation settings and find Route Options. Activate the option to prefer fuel-efficient routes and choose the engine type.

Google collects data from the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the European Environment Agency to calculate fuel efficiency. Factors such as average fuel consumption for vehicles in the region, steepness of inclines in hilly terrain, stop-and-go traffic patterns, and types of roads are taken into account.

With this new Google Maps feature, users can now save fuel and make more eco-friendly choices while navigating their way to their destinations.

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