How To Turn On Wi-Fi Calling On Your Android Smartphone: Step-by-Step Guide

Wi-Fi calling on your Android phone makes it simple to improve your experience if you work from home and take calls frequently. Your calls will use Wi-Fi rather than your usual cellular network if you enable Wi-Fi calling. This enhances the quality of the audio and makes the caller experience better overall. To experience crisper calls, follow these easy steps in your phone’s settings to activate Wi-Fi calling.

How to turn on Wi-Fi calling on Android

Connect to Wi-Fi:

Make sure your Android phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Access Phone Settings:

Proceed to the settings on your phone. To access this, simply hit the three dots or menu icon (often found in the Phone app) and choose “Settings.”

Locate Wi-Fi Calling Options:

Find options for calling over Wi-Fi. You can locate it under menus like “Calls,” “Advanced Calling,” or “Network & Connections,” depending on the version of Android you are using.

Toggle Wi-Fi Calling On:

Turn the switch to activate Wi-Fi calling after you’ve located the option.

Confirmation and Status:

You’ll get a notice after activation verifying that Wi-Fi calling is operational. When linked to Wi-Fi, you might also see a “Wi-Fi Calling” indicator in your status bar.

Wi-Fi calling functions in the same way as regular phone calls. You essentially don’t need to do anything else once enabled. Your phone will use a strong Wi-Fi network in order to make calls.

The phone will automatically switch to your cellular network if your Wi-Fi is deactivated. In case your phone’s Wi-Fi calling feature isn’t functioning properly, you may disable it by going through the same steps in the settings.

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