8 Tire Brands You Should Definitely Avoid Purchasing in Us

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8 Tire Brands You Should Definitely Avoid Purchasing

Five different car websites and blogs were surveyed by 24/7 Wall St. in order to create this list of tire brands to stay away from. On websites for tire dealers and Google, we also looked for real customer reviews. Only tire brands with numerous negative customer reviews and descriptions of being subpar on various automobile websites were included in our list.

It should be noted that several websites mentioned brands—like Chinese company AKS Tires—that we were unable to confirm in full. Although our reviewers generally thought this brand was inferior, there isn’t much information available online about it. Avoid any tire brand that does not have a website and a large number of positive reviews to support it. AKS ‘seems like a manufacturer that creates the tires out of someone’s cellar,’ a critic said. In summary, when looking for tires, a lack of verified information is a major red signal.

However, the eight brands listed below should be completely avoided. In addition to negative customer ratings, they also received harsh remarks on other sites.

The following challenge occurs when you realize that you actually do need to get new tires and navigate the large tire industry. How do you choose which tires to buy and which ones to avoid? Tire Agent’s general suggestions are helpful places to start. Steer clear of these at all costs:

Avoid These tires for Purchasing

  • Tires that are old.
  • tires that are not the right size for your car
  • Over six-year-old tires (even if they have never been used)
  • Retreads: tires on which a fresh tire is put after the upper, worn-down section is removed
  • Not compatible tires
  • Low-profile tires: although they have a great design, they are dangerous

8. Falken

Brand: Falken

Country of Origin: Japan

Even in dry conditions, falken tires have insufficient grip. The grip of these tires declines worse on damp or slick conditions.

A critic pointed out that Falken used to make respectable tires. But the company’s efforts to decrease costs have resulted in lower-quality items. Don’t use these tires.

7. Accelera Tires

Brand: Accelera Tires

Country of Origin: Indonesia

This brand’s name is misleading. Although one of the main criticisms of Accelera tires is that they don’t help with car acceleration as much as one may think. Customers have reported that when the tires accelerate rapidly, they lose traction. Additionally, they struggle with harsh braking. These tires have significantly too long of a stopping distance, especially in wet situations. The Acclera tires have extremely little overall traction.

6. Autogreen

Brand: Autogreen

Country of Origin: China

Tires that are autogreen have several disadvantages. Even on dry roads, the grip of these tires is insufficient. It is much worse on wet roads. At high speeds, the tires vibrate noticeably, indicating that they are losing safe touch with the road.

As the tires age, uneven wear may result in a potential safety risk. These tires, however, frequently don’t age at all.

One reviewer said that after six months, their Autogreen tires went bald. Autogreen tires, according to another, don’t even last 20,000 miles. Another person expressed even stronger criticism, claiming that these tires should be replaced after 10,000 miles.

5. Geostar

Brand: Geostar

Countries of Origin : China, Taiwan

The riding quality of Geostar tires is rougher than that of many other similar tires. Even worse, these tires have the potential to lose traction when turning, which is quite dangerous.

In both dry and rainy situations, Geostar tires have poor traction. And driving in the winter? Ignore it.

Without a doubt, Geostar is not the star of the tire show.

4. Goodride

Brand: Goodride

Country of Origin: China

Regarding Goodride tires, nothing positive can be said. These tires ride quite poorly and have imbalanced handling. In any weather, they are unable to maintain hold. Customer evaluations contained adjectives like “cheap” and “crappy”. Saying “goodbye” to Goodride is the plain message.

3. Triangle

Brand: Triangle

Country of Origin: China

When an expert describes a tire as a “ditchfinder,” it could be the best description there is. The grip of triangle tires is really poor. They shriek in dry weather even at moderate speeds of acceleration. One customer referred to these tires as “outright dangerous” when wet.

In case you’re not convinced some customers have called these tires “super cheap,” “dreadful,” and “rubbish.”

2. West Lake

Brand: West Lake

Country of Origin: China

In the United States, West Lake tires are easily accessible, although the reviews are unfavorable.

The West Lake tires make a lot of noise. But the issues with this brand don’t end there.

Inclement weather can quickly ruin these tires. A West Lake tire could be destroyed by a single pothole.

Highway speeds are dangerous for West Lake tires as well; a reviewer observed that they lost traction beyond 60 mph.

Numerous reviewers mentioned how quickly the tires wore out. Despite their low price, you can end up paying more for them in the long term because you’ll need to replace them much more frequently than a higher-quality brand.

1. Unicorn

Brand: Unicorn

Country of Origin: China

Unicorn Tires are offered for sale under several brand names, including Sunfull, Mastertrack, and Travelstar.

Reviewers have generally had a negative impression of Unicorn, pointing out that the tires are constructed of subpar materials. On rainy roads, traction is really bad. One reviewer said that in wet weather, the stopping distance is some of the longest they had ever encountered. It is too crucial to risk your life and the safety of your loved ones on these tires.

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