What is Cyber Crime? What are the type of Cyber Crime?

Cyber Crime Definition, Type with Example and Solution,

What is Cyber Crime? What are the type of Cyber Crime? How to Protect against Hacker by Cyber Crime?

Computers, cell phones and the Internet have transformed modern life. They offer us many advantages.

However, information technology also makes us vulnerable to various threats. These threats can result in financial loss or reputational damage.

One small mistake in managing our digital lives could open the door for cybercriminals. Therefore, it is important to know how to protect yourself from cybercrime.

What is Cyber Crime ?

Cyber Crime is a type of criminal activity that primarily targets or involves the use of computers, networks connected to computers, or connected devices. Cybercrime is not always committed by individuals or hackers, it can also be committed by organizations. The main goal of cybercrime is to sabotage computers for profit – personal or political. Cybercrime is a broad term that covers a range of illegal activities using a computer or the Internet.

How many type of Cyber Crime ?

Cybercrime differs with the sort of people directing the wrongdoing and their purpose. A solitary individual can hack the US Financial exchange, while an association could hack insider data from an administration got information bases. There are a stunning number of wrongdoings that can be directed over the web.


PC infection taints PC frameworks, ruins records, and wrecks with the overall working of the PC. It likewise imitates itself to ruin different gadgets and frameworks. An infection is malware that incorporates noxious programming, projects, or codes written to harm or ruin information, take it, and bring in cash in the deal. This additionally incorporates ransomware that will require you to pay a payoff to unscramble information that has been locked


Phishing efforts are ones where spam sends or some other types of correspondence swarm inboxes and stunt beneficiaries into doing things that will endanger security. These messages or correspondences contain tainted connections or connections to locales or infections. They may likewise request secret data. In skewer phishing, efforts stunt explicit focuses into placing the individual or authoritative security in risk


An apparatus that programmers use to break into a gadget and use it to mine digital money without assent or individual information. JavaScript is utilized by crypto excavators to taint a gadget after a client visits the contaminated site. The client will bring about enormous bills and furthermore execution issues and, in the deal, swelled benefits for cybercriminals.


It is actually the thing it seems like a digitized form of cash blackmail. Ransomware is perhaps the most well-known structure to encode records and afterward blackmail cash to open them. Extorting casualties by uncovering their own data, photos, recordings, and compromising business by DDoS Attack.


incorporates a wide range of online badgering like inappropriate behavior, following, doxing, and that implies uncovering individual data with assent and outlining (hacking into somebody’s web-based entertainment account and making counterfeit posts.


1. Use a full-service internet security suite

2. Use strong passwords

3. Keep your software updated

9. Know that identity theft can happen anywhere

11. Know what to do if you become a victim

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