Purpose and benefits of the Right to Repair portal launched by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs

The nation can repair their cars and devices without worrying about voiding their warranties because of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs’ introduction of the Right to Repair Portal a few months ago. The portal covers the following four industries: farm equipment, cars, electronics, and consumer durables. Manufacturers post information on their products on the site, including conditions, warranties, and services.

About the portal, the Department of Consumer Affairs tweeted recently that it offers information on fixing mobile devices, computers, data storage components, consumer durables, vehicle equipment, and agricultural equipment. The goal is to provide low-cost repair services as an economical substitute for replacements for phones, appliances, and other equipment.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative project includes the Right to Repair framework, which aims to safeguard consumers from planned failure, which adds to e-waste, and to make repair services more accessible. The website answers questions on spare part warranties, costs, and validity. It also advises users on how to verify the validity and place of origin of replacement parts.

As of right now, the platform has 17 registered brands, including Boat, Panasonic, LG, Havells, Samsung, Realme, Oppo, HP, Kent, Microtek, Luminous, and others. The platform includes firms like Hero Motocorp and Honda Motorcycle and encompasses industries like automotive, smartphones, and consumer durables.

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