Telegram New Features For Group Every User Should Know

These days, a lot of people use instant messaging apps instead of more traditional methods like phone. The services and features have increased in parallel with the growth of active users. In order to make it easier for people to stay in touch with their loved ones, developers are rolling out new features. Similar announcements were made by Telegram on Friday regarding the release of nine modern group communication features through fresh updates.

Increases for Groups, Stories from Groups, Emoji Status, Covers, Wallpapers, Link Styles, Group Emoji Packs, and Voice-to-Text are some of the most recent features that have been added.

New Functions & Use

A group can mainly level up through member boosts or giveaways with the use of the Boosts for Groups tool. You can get several additional features as your group level rises. As group levels rise, a variety of premium features are unlocked, enhancing the group chat experience. These capabilities include voice-to-text transcription and personalized emoji packs.

Group administrators can start engaging discussions among members by sharing stories through the Group Stories feature.

Also, Telegram just unveiled Group Emoji Packs, which let elite groups select unique emoji packs for each member, improving group identity and communication.

Voice-to-Text Transcription guarantees smooth communication for members of enhanced groups by offering limitless transcription for voice and video communications exchanged within the group.

Boosters can now receive special permissions from administrators, which give them special rights like avoiding slow mode and other limitations. Additionally, users may now assign exclusive boosts to any group or channel with the launch of Telegram Premium, which also comes with extra boosts for gifting Premium to others.

It’s possible that people will like the platform even more now that these new features are there.