Top 100 Most Searched People in the US: Insights and Trends

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Top 100 Most Searched People In The US: Insights And Trends

This article delves into the fascinating world of the 100 most searched people on Google in the United States, revealing the most talked-about celebrities, athletes, and public figures as of March 2, 2024.

The top 100 Americans who are searched for on Google will be reviewed in this post.a Semrush finally confirmed the monthly search volume of the data collected from many sources for these listings.

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Please take note that these lists are no longer include fictional people. In this manner, only actual people are involved. As you search, names come up.

Top 100 Most Searched People In The US

RankPersonUS Search Volume
1Taylor Swift6,120,000
3Matthew Perry3,400,000
=4Jenna Ortega2,740,000
=4Andrew Tate2,740,000
=4Aaron Rodgers2,740,000
=4Travis Kelce2,740,000
8LeBron James2,240,000
=9Ice Spice1,830,000
=9Jennifer Lawrence1,830,000
=9Jeremy Renner1,830,000
=9Joe Biden1,830,000
=9Margot Robbie1,830,000
=9Ja Morant1,830,000
=9Jamie Foxx1,830,000
=9Pedro Pascal1,830,000
=18Bruce Willis1,500,000
=18Selena Gomez1,500,000
=18Tom Brady1,500,000
=18Tucker Carlson1,500,000
=18Matt Rife1,500,000
=23Adam Sandler1,220,000
=23Arianna Grande1,220,000
=23Britney Spears1,220,000
=23Elon Musk1,220,000
=23Jennifer Aniston1,220,000
=23Joe Burrow1,220,000
=23Justin Bieber1,220,000
=23Kanye West1,220,000
=23Kim Kardashian1,220,000
=23Meghan Markle1,220,000
=23Ryan Gosling1,220,000
=23Sydney Sweeney1,220,000
=36Ana de Armas 1,000,000
=36Arnold Schwarzenegger1,000,000
=36Bad Bunny1,000,000
=36Billie Eilish1,000,000
=36Doja Cat1,000,000
=36Dolly Parton1,000,000
=36Eminem 1,000,000
=36Kevin Durant1,000,000
=36Leonardo DiCaprio 1,000,000
=36Madonna 1,000,000
=36Megan Fox1,000,000
=36Michael Jackson1,000,000
=36Michael Jordan1,000,000
=36Miley Cyrus1,000,000
=36Olivia Rodrigo1,000,000
=36Prince Harry1,000,000
=36Ryan Reynolds1,000,000
=36Sylvester Stallone1,000,000
=36Tom Cruise1,000,000
=36Timothee Chalamet1,000,000
=36Jelly Roll1,000,000
=36Angus Cloud1,000,000
=36Cillian Murphy1,000,000
=36Danny Masterson1,000,000
=63Clint Eastwood823,000
=63Cristiano Ronaldo 823,000
=63Giannis Antetokounmpo 823,000
=63Harry Styles823,000
=63Johnny Depp823,000
=63Keanu Reeves823,000
=63Kylie Jenner823,000
=63Kyrie Irving823,000
=63Millie Bobby Brown823,000
=63Nicki Minaj823,000
=63Priscilla Presley823,000
=63Sandra Bullock823,000
=63Scarlett Johansson823,000
=63Tom Holland823,000
=63Lil Tay823,000
=80Angelina Jolie673,000
=80Ben Affleck673,000
=80Brad Pitt 673,000
=80Cardi B673,000
=80Chris Evans673,000
=80Chris Hemsworth673,000
=80Dua Lipa673,000
=80Dwayne Johnson673,000
=80Emma Watson673,000
=80George Clooney673,000
=80Jake Gyllenhaal673,000
=80Jayson Tatum673,000
=80Jennifer Lopez673,000
=80Kendall Jenner673,000
=80Kobe Bryant673,000
=80Kourtney Kardashian673,000
=80Matt Damon673,000
=80Matthew McConaughey673,000
=80Natalie Portman673,000
=80Pete Davidson 673,000
=80Russell Westbrook673,000

In the United States, who is the most searched person on Google?

Many sources claim that Taylor Swift is the most popular person on Google.

Who is the world’s most Googled person?

With 16.1 million global searches, Taylor Swift was the most searched person on Google as of January 2024.

One of the most well-known figures in entertainment and music is Taylor Swift. Due to her friendship with Travis Kelce and her frequent attendance at NFL games during the season, she has experienced a significant rise in search volume recently. In addition, she has 279 million Instagram fans.

Interesting Observations About The Most Googled People

  • A lot of heavily Googled people are elite athletes, well-known actors, musicians, or powerful political figures.
  • Trends go away faster than enterprises and brands. A person is usually well-liked for a week or two at most, and then the audience gets interested in another attractive headline featuring a different person.
  • Elon Musk, Tom Brady, and Selena Gomez are among the few individuals who consistently rank in the top 100, despite the whims of the news cycle.
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