From “Bhupendra Jogi” to “Aukat Dikha Di” Top 7 Memes that Ruled the Indian Internet in 2023

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From "Bhupendra Jogi" to "Aukat Dikha Di'' Top 7 Memes that Ruled the Indian Internet in 2023

Gone are the times when comedy was restricted by language or cultural differences. With their unique combination of images, phrases, and common experiences, memes have helped to heal those wounds. They have produced a universal language that cuts over limits of geography and population. Memes have also made it possible for us to laugh together during difficult times, acting as a ray of hope. In light of this, it’s time to go back and revisit India’s most popular memes from 2023.

Rank and Meme NameMonth, They Were Trending
#1 Bhupendra Jogi memeOctober
#2 So Beautiful, So Elegant memeOctober
#3 Moye Moye memeNovember
#4 Aayein memeOctober
#5 Aukat Dikha Di memeNovember
#6 Ohio memeMarch
#7 The Boys memeJanuary

The Memes that Defined India in 2023

1) Bhupendra Jogi meme

Of all the Indian memes this year, the most popular one was an interview with Bhupendra Jogi that was taken in 2018 during the Madhya Pradesh elections. Jogi was being interviewed on the video, and someone asked him his name. “Bhupendra Jogi,” he said with confidence, going on to say that Madhya Pradesh had superior roads than the United States. The interviewer then inquires as to whether he has traveled to America and what cities he has seen. Jogi answers with his own name, “Bhupendra Jogi,” misinterpreting the query and inadvertently making the entire exchange humorous.

2) So Beautiful, So Elegant meme

A few months ago, the expression “So beautiful, so elegant, just looking like a wow!” was all over the internet. This famous quote was included in a clever sales pitch for the clothes that Jasmine Kaur, a sales representative, was trying to sell. With her descriptions of colors like “Laddu Peela,” “mouse color,” and “Kaleji color,” she attracted notice on the internet. This year, Deepika Padukone and other celebrities were captivated by one of the most viral Indian memes. Around her sales pitch words, YouTuber and composer Yashraj Mukhate created a catchy song remix.

3) Moye Moye meme

Among the most widely used Indian memes this year was the “Moye Moye” fad. The chorus of Serbian singer-songwriter Teya Dora’s song “Džanum” is where the melody first appeared. The song quickly became popular on all other social media platforms after going viral on TikTok first. This song was used in countless memes, parodies, and funny dance reels. Remarkably, the internet misinterpreted the song’s lyrics, which are pronounced “Moje More” instead of “Moye More,” and followed suit. The Delhi Police also took part in the ‘Moye Moye’ fad in their own unique style.

4) Aayein meme

Aditya Kumar, a Bihar youngster in the sixth standard, responded with a single word that went popular on social media recently. His confused look and “Aayein?” response when asked what his favorite topic was caused people all around the nation to giggle. That was not the end of it. The boy said “Baigan” (Brinjal) when the interviewer asked again, mistaking the word “subject” for “sabji” (vegetable). The amusing exchange gained so much traction that it was one of the most popular memes in India.

5) Aukat Dikha Di meme

“Aukat Dikha Di” translates to “make someone realize their true worth” or “put them in their place.” Last month, the phrase gained popularity as a way to express the universal feeling of surprise and unanticipated discoveries. The audio of Chhotu Shikari’s Bhojpuri song Dafa 406 is featured in a viral loop that features a scene from the film starring Tamil superstar Suriya.

6) Ohio meme

Earlier this year, the “Can’t even X in Ohio” or “Only in Ohio” meme became well-known. The joke started in 2016 when someone posted a picture of a bus announcement board that said, “Ohio will be eliminated” on social media. People posted strange images and videos with the words “only in Ohio” or “can’t even, in Ohio” in the new memes. The statement celebrates Ohio’s special and unique character while also being funny and satirical towards the state and its people.

7) The Boys meme

Fans of the superhero TV series “The Boys” invented the Boys meme. Based on this meme, the reels typically show male pals getting into mischievous situations and acting like fools.

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