Unsubscribe All YouTube Channel at Single click

How to unsubscribe All YouTube Channel at Single click

Youtube is a free video sharing website that makes YouTube is an unfastened video sharing internet site that makes it smooth to look at online motion pictures. You YouTube is a fastened video sharing internet site that makes it smooth to look at online motion pictures. You may even create and upload your personal movies to share with others.You may additionally make short videos.On average, 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, so there’s continually something new to observe! And you may find all types of motion pictures on YouTube-tips and trick, buying ideas, funny technological know-how instructions, brief style guidelines and many more.

If you have used the same YouTube account for years, you possibly subscribed to many channels. This state of affairs makes it easier to follow uploads from your preferred content material creators, however it has its downsides. If you clicked on the option to get bell notifications for each unmarried upload from every YouTuber you subscribed to, you have to deal with a ton of notifications.

The subsequent technique lets in you how to unsubscribe from all the YouTube Channels you comply with. Understand that you may want to subscribe once more to those you continue to enjoy. It might be an excellent concept to write down their names and URLs, so that you don’t neglect approximately them.

Follow These Steps To Unsubscribe YouTube Channels

  1. Click or type this link in web browser https://www.youtube.com/feed/channels (in pc only)
  2. right click there and click on inspect and go to console section

copy and paste this code

Code: var i = 0; var count = document.querySelectorAll(“ytd-channel-renderer:not(.ytd-item-section-renderer)”); myTimer(); function myTimer () { if (count == 0) return; el = document.querySelector(‘.ytd-subscribe-button-renderer’); el.click(); setTimeout(function () { var unSubBtn = document.getElementById(“confirm-button”).click(); i++; count–; console.log(i + ” unsubscribed”); console.log(count + ” remaining”); setTimeout(function () { el = document.querySelector(“ytd-channel-renderer”); el.parentNode.removeChild(el); myTimer(); }, 250); }, 250); }

Done you Successfully Unsubscribe All your youtube channe

Refresh the web page to verify all subscriptions are gone. Whilst you move again to the “Subscribe” web page, the “manage” choice within the pinnacle-right section will now not be there due to the fact, in spite of everything, you have no more subscriptions.

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