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CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2024: The Central Board of Secondary Education’s Class 12 English paper exam is set to commence tomorrow, on February 22, 2024. English is a universal subject across all streams, including Humanities, Science, and Commerce. The subject is among the most scoring papers, capable of significantly boosting one’s overall CGPA or percentage.By adopting a strategic preparation approach and maintaining focus during the exam, candidates can achieve high scores in this subject.
The CBSE Class 12 English Core and Elective Model Answer Sheet is a valuable tool for students, providing tips on how to write well-structured and insightful responses. It provides information on the exam format, expected content, and effective answer presentation. Using this resource is critical for students who want to excel in the CBSE Class 12 English Core and Elective exams.
Direct link to download CBSE model answer sheets
Candidates can access the answer-sheets for the English paper using these direct links:

How to score full-marks in CBSE Class 12 English exam?
English is considered to be a scoring paper among other subjects. It is a common paper for all the streams of study. Targeted practice and understanding of grammar rules and composition format can ensure scoring more than 90 percent in the paper. Here are a few last minute preparation tips for candidates to score highest in the English paper:

  • Enhance grammar proficiency: Kickstart with a rapid refresher on commonly confused terms and sentence structures. Target your weak spots, such as verb tenses and subject-verb agreement, through tailored exercises for reinforcement.
  • Expand vocabulary: Familiarize yourself with essential jargon to articulate responses effectively. Explore challenging words from your notes or NCERT chapters, applying them in sentences to solidify comprehension. Utilize mnemonic devices or flashcards for enhanced retention.
  • Master reading comprehension: Sharpen your skills in dissecting unseen passages of various writing styles. Time your practice to enhance speed and accuracy, focusing on grasping the main idea, supporting arguments, and the author’s intent.
  • Refine writing skills: Familiarize yourself with diverse writing formats, including notices, applications, reports, and letters. Generate specific ideas adaptable to different exam prompts, prioritizing clarity, coherence, and creativity in your compositions. Grasp the nuances of letter formats and other syllabus-specified components.
  • Deepen understanding of literature: Ditch rote memorization and delve into character traits, plot conflicts, and central themes of prescribed texts. Analyze character motivations and pivotal events for a nuanced comprehension.
  • Maintain a balanced mindset: Sustain a composed and focused approach during preparation. Prioritize self-care with adequate sleep, nutrition, and stress management. Steer clear of eleventh-hour cramming, trusting in your thorough preparation.


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