How to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp without Messaging them 2023

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How to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp without Messaging them 2023

WhatsApp certainly contributes significantly to our digital communication by helping us stay in touch with those who are close to us. But occasionally, things may get uncomfortable, and someone might block you on the app for a variety of reasons. It can be difficult to decide for sure if you’ve been blocked or if there’s another reason for your confusion.

However, there are a few signs that might be able to assist you in determining whether you have been blocked . The following situations apply:

How To Know Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

  • Lack of “Last Seen” and “Online” Status: If these are absent, you may have been blocked. However, many people would rather keep this information secret in the privacy-conscious world of today. As a result, you cannot make conclusions based only on this aspect.
  • No Updates to Your WhatsApp Profile Image: If you don’t receive updates to your profile image, someone may have blocked you.
  • Absence of Delivery Receipts (Single Tick): If your communications are sent and just one tick appears, it may be an indicator that they have been blocked. Senders who have blocked you won’t get messages.
  • Unsuccessful Audio and Video Calls: If you keep trying to call someone on WhatsApp but are getting blocked, this is another clear sign that you are blocked. WhatsApp prevents blocked contacts from making phone calls to the blocked individual.
  • Calls From Outside WhatsApp Don’t Connect Either: If using your phone dialer to call the person outside of the app doesn’t work either, it can be an indication that they have stopped you from using WhatsApp outside of it as well.

These indications are not infallible, even though they may indicate that you have been barred. After all, it’s possible that someone has turned off their “last seen” status or is temporarily not using a profile picture since they’re in a low network area. It’s crucial to remember that you might have been blocked if you notice any combination of these symptoms continuing for a longer period of time, even after several tries to get in touch with the person.

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