“Instagram’s Latest Feature: Highlighting Comments in Stories”

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Instagram is a hugely popular social networking site with a strong emphasis on image and video sharing. Since its 2010 launch, it has been extremely successful due to its easy-to-use interface and engaging visual content. What was once just a simple photo-sharing software has transformed into a rich community space where people can interact, express themselves, and explore a variety of hobbies.

“Instagram Explores New Tool Allowing Creators to Showcase Fan Comments in Stories”

New Delhi: Instagram, which is owned by Meta, is experimenting with a new tool that would let creators add noteworthy fan comments, such as those on their posts or Reels, to their Stories. In a post on the ‘IG Updates channel, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said the business aims to make it simpler for artists to spotlight intriguing comments.

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However, Mosseri omitted to mention the scope of the test or the public distribution of the functionality. Instagram is developing a feature that will let users record audio notes in the meantime.

“We are still not publicly testing anything yet, but we’re working on the ability to produce audio notes to share with your pals,” Mosseri stated on his broadcast channel.

In December of last year, Meta launched ‘Notes’ on Instagram, allowing users to post their ideas and see what their pals are up to. When Meta first released Notes, it said that this function allowed users to write brief messages of up to 60 characters using only text and emojis.

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