Soon, you will be able to play games on YouTube in addition to streaming.

One of the main internet streaming services, YouTube receives around 15% of its traffic from video game streaming. YouTube is prepared to use this audience by including “Playable” games on the website.

Users can publish, view, and engage with videos on the well-known video-sharing site YouTube. Since its creation in 2005, it has grown to be among the most popular websites on the internet. On YouTube, users may access a vast range of content, such as music videos, tutorials, vlogs, gaming videos, and more.

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YouTube is now exploring a method for natively playing video games on its site, including “Stack Bounce,” an HTML5-based game. These games are now accessible to a select group of people through the Playables area of YouTube.

These games will be accessible on desktop computers and mobile apps, says YouTube. It’s still unknown when YouTube will formally provide this function to the general public, and even then, it’s anticipated that it will only be available to YouTube Premium subscribers.

It appears that Netflix, which also provides straightforward games based on movies and TV episodes available on the Internet, is emulating YouTube. Similar to Netflix games, YouTube games are anticipated to be restricted to straightforward HTML5-based games like Stack Bounce.

Google has previously tried its hand at playing online games. Recently, the Alphabet business shut down Stadia, a cloud gaming platform that many thought would be the next big thing in the video game industry.

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