Jio Down: Internet Shutdown Troubles Users in the Scorching Heat

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Jio Down: Internet Shutdown Troubles Users in the Scorching Heat

Jio users across the country faced significant trouble when the internet service of the largest mobile network, Jio, suddenly stopped functioning. The internet shutdown occurred during the peak of summer, adding to the discomfort of users who rely heavily on this service.

When Did the Service Stop?

The internet service disruption began on Tuesday afternoon, June 18, at around 2 pm and lasted until 11 pm. However, some users reported that the Jio internet service was down as early as 8 am on June 19. This unexpected outage led to widespread inconvenience among Jio users.

Complaints About Jio Internet Being Down

According to Downdetector, about 2,176 users reported issues with Jio’s internet service on the afternoon of June 18. By 11 pm the same day, an additional 72 complaints were logged. The following morning, on June 19, another 80 complaints were reported. These statistics highlight the extent of the disruption and its impact on users.

Services Affected by the Disruption

The Jio service disruption affected multiple services, including JioFiber, Jio mobile internet, and Jio phone services. Among the complaints, 59% were related to JioFiber service shutdowns, 35% were about Jio mobile internet, and 8% were about issues with Jio phone services. This widespread impact indicates the reliance on Jio’s network for various digital needs.

Possible Reasons for the Jio Network Shutdown

As of now, there has been no official response from Reliance Jio regarding the cause of the network disruption. The sudden shutdown has left users searching for answers and expressing their concerns online. While the exact reason remains unknown, the incident has certainly highlighted the importance of reliable internet services in today’s digital age.

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