Truecaller and Microsoft Team Up to Combat Spam Calls with AI Technology

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Truecaller and Microsoft Team Up to Combat Spam Calls with AI Technology

Introduction to Truecaller’s AI-Powered Assistant

Truecaller has recently announced a groundbreaking feature that leverages AI technology to answer spam calls in the user’s own voice. This innovation, developed in collaboration with Microsoft, aims to provide a seamless and personalized call management experience. The AI assistant, integrated into Azure AI Speech, is set to be a boon for millions of smartphone users who are tired of dealing with annoying spam calls.

How the AI Technology Works

The new feature allows subscribed users to record a brief script, which the application then uses to create a voice replica. Once the setup is complete, the AI assistant can answer calls, respond, and even greet callers using the user’s voice. This technology, first unveiled in 2022, offers various functionalities such as screening unknown calls, taking messages, and recording conversations. To activate this feature, users must consent to the application creating a voice replica based on the recorded script.

Customization and Limitations

While Truecaller offers several options for editing greetings, the customization of personal voices is limited to ensure the voice remains identifiable as a digital version. Users can still tailor the responses to suit their preferences. To maintain transparency and authenticity, Azure AI Speech’s personal voice feature includes a watermark on speech outputs, detectable by a tool designed to identify synthetic audio.

Availability and Future Plans

This innovative technology is currently available through limited, registration-only access. Truecaller plans to roll out the personal assistant voice feature in the coming weeks in countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, Sweden, and Chile. This collaboration between Truecaller and Microsoft marks a significant step towards making AI technology more accessible and useful for everyday smartphone users.

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