WhatsApp provides a quicker method for transferring conversations. See how to use

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WhatsApp provides a quicker method for transferring conversations. See how to use bugssolutions

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has introduced a new feature that lets you transfer your WhatsApp conversations across devices without storing them in the cloud.

You may now scan a QR code on one phone to start an easy transfer to another using the same Android as opposed to backing up and restoring your conversations via Google Drive. In essence, this implies that users will be able to transfer chats with this upgrade without the data ever leaving the two devices — or even leaving WhatsApp.

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According to Meta, this method is not only faster when it comes to the transfer of massive media but also more private than cloud services. The new technique ensures that nothing is lost in the move by covering both conversations and media history. Additionally, the entire procedure encrypts data.

How to use the new direct conversation transfer feature in WhatsApp

  1. Start by making sure both of your devices are physically present, connected to Wi-Fi, and set to allow location.
  2. Next, scan the QR code on your previous phone by going to Settings > Chats > Chat transfer.
  3. The transfer will start immediately.
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