Update WhatsApp’s new feature allows iOS and Android users to easily share HD Images.

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is rolling out a new feature for Android and iOS beta that lets users send and receive high-definition (HD) Images.

Users can choose a higher quality when sharing images with this new function, however, the choice displays only when the user selects a large-size picture, according to WABetaInfo.

While this function maintains image dimensions, minimal compression is still done to the image, making it impossible to transfer photographs to their original quality.

Because the default choice for all images is ‘Standard quality,’ users must pick the HD option whenever they want to send a photo with a higher resolution.

When sending a photo using the ‘high quality’ option, a new tag will be added to the message bubble to notify the receiver that the image was sent using this function.

The option to share HD images is presently available to specific beta testers on Android and iOS, and it is likely to be available to additional users in the coming weeks, according to the source.

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It was reported in January of this year that the messaging platform was working on this feature for the Android beta, and the following month, another report stated that the same feature was in the works for the iOS beta.

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