WhatsApp Update soon Launch screen-sharing and usernames: Here’s all you need to know About New Update.

  • Updat Whatsapp: Screen-sharing and usernames are two new features being developed by WhatsApp.
  • On Android, screen-sharing is only available to WhatsApp beta users.
  • The username features are in the early development stages and are not yet available to beta testers.

WhatsApp has been constantly adding new features in recent years. Following the release of the much-anticipated message editing capability, the Meta-owned messaging platform has now made screen-sharing available to a restricted set of beta testers who may show their screens during discussions. It has also been said that a username function is Launch in the works.
We go a bit more into what these two features are and how they are improving In Whatsapp.

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Screen-sharing on WhatsApp

During video conversations, participants can share their phone displays using this capability. Those with experience with screen-sharing in apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and FaceTime will find this feature simple to use In Whatsapp New Update. FaceTime, for example, is a realistic example since it allows users to share their iPhone displays while on a video chat.

According to WABetaInfo, the screen-sharing capability is currently available for Android users on the WhatsApp beta app.

New Update Share a Screen on WhatsApp

Users using the screen-sharing capability on WhatsApp beta will notice a new button on the bottom navigation bar. When you tap this button, a pop-up screen appears with choices to begin recording or casting using WhatsApp. Simply tap the “start now” button on WhatsApp to begin screen sharing. This allows you to share your screen during WhatsApp discussions easily. You may stop sharing your screen at any moment by Click the screen-sharing button.

WhatsApp Update – usernames

WhatsApp is presently working on a usernames feature, which is expected to function similarly to Instagram, and Telegram usernames. This new feature will allow users to add a unique username to their current WhatsApp account name. While the specific workings of this feature are unknown, WABetaInfo suggests that it might be used instead of phone numbers.

Unlike the screen-sharing capabilities, this feature is still in the early stages of development and is not yet available to beta testers.

What is new update of whatsapp 2023

Whatsapp update soon launch screen sharing and use unique username like telegram

Is screen-sharing available for WhatsApp on iPhone as well, or is it limited to Android users only in the beta app?

Screen-sharing capability is currently available for Android users in the WhatsApp beta app, allowing participants to share their phone displays during video conversations. However, it is not clear whether this feature is also available for iPhone users on WhatsApp at this time.

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