How To Add Captions To Your YouTube Videos: A Step-By-Step Guide

Google-owned popular online video-sharing and social media platform YouTube offers several interesting features to its users. One of the most important features is the option to watch videos with subtitles and captions. For creators, adding captions to the video can increase their reach as it tends to break the language barrier and makes the content available to a wider audience. The more accessible your content is, the more people can enjoy it.

If you want to add captions, follow these simple steps:

  1. First sign into YouTube Creator Studio and upload a new video.
  2. After inputting the video details, you’ll be given the option to add new elements, including subtitles.
  3. Click “add subtitles” and you’ll see a list of options including upload file, auto sync, and type manually.
  4. You can also utilize YouTube’s auto-generated captions and edit them directly in YouTube Studio after the video has been processed.

Here’s Why You Should Add Captions To Your YouTube Videos

According to YouTube, “if you script your videos before filming, you actually already have a head-start when it comes to captioning. If you select Auto Sync, you will be taken to a tool where you can input the words said in your video and have them automatically synchronized by our voice recognition technology.” All you have to do is select “Assign Timings” after inputting your transcript and once it’s set, watch through to make sure everything is in order.

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Meanwhile, YouTube is going with a three-strike rule for videos as well, giving people enough time to stop using an ad blocker and let ads show for all videos on their profile as long as they wish to use YouTube for free. We independently tested this theory on YouTube using an ad blocker to see if the ads stop and videos continue to play without any interruption. While these two parts were true, we also noticed YouTube flashing this warning sign to block videos if you don’t remove the ad blocker from the browser.

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