how to use whatsapp on two phones with same number

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The WhatsApp service received better after a META -Verse kicked into effect. Now that Facebook META and WhatsApp are under the same umbrella, WhatsApp has decided to permit the identical WhatsApp account on two different Smartphones, like the way you log onto the account from your Smartphone and link it to a different device like your computer. Earlier, WhatsApp allowed a link to a PC however, didn’t allow you to link to another smartphone, like Telegram. WhatsApp did allow you to link 4 computer systems but just one smartphone.

How would you link another Smartphone to the same Whatsapp account?

  • The version is the latest one, so ensure you have the newest version or download that right away on both mobile devices.
  • Open your second Phone, unlock Whatsapp, and tap “agree and proceed.”
  • Open the Menu from the three vertical dots on the top right corner. This seems on the top right-hand side.
  • Tap “link a device.”
  • Go to your primary smartphone, open Whatsapp, and tap be ..

Then tap on “Link a device.”Scan the QR Code being displayed on the secondary smartphone.Synching of messages begins, and your secondary smartphone is ready to use.You are removing the WhatsApp account from your secondary smartphone.Open WhatsApp in your PRIMARY smartphone.Tap on “Linked devices.”Tap on your primary smartphone and choose “Log out.”Your secondary smartphone would remove the WhatsApp account.

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