How to transfer a driving license from one state to another? Quickly 2023

Transfer Driving License

How to transfer a license from one state to another State In India.

Step 1: In India, transferring a driving license from one state to another normally entails completing a series of steps and providing the necessary documentation. Depending on the state of concern and the license type being transferred (e.g., private vehicle, business vehicle, etc.), the specific process might vary slightly. Here is an overview of the processes:

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  • Step 2: Obtain the paperwork that’s required You have to gather the following documents:
  • The application for a driving license transfer is often available on the website of the RTO in the destination state.
  • The original state issued the first driver’s license.
  • Utility bills, a passport, or an original address proof such as an Aadhaar card.
  • Valid age verification documents include birth certificates, school certificates, and passports.
  • NOC copy obtained from the original state.
  • four to six photos the size of photographs.
  • any additional paperwork specified by the RTO in the destination state.
  • Step 3: Visit the RTO in the destination state: In the state where you transfer your driver’s license, go to the RTO office. Send the RTO the application form and all the required documents.
  • Step 4: Pay the necessary fees for transferring the driver’s license in accordance with the destination state RTO’s fee schedule in step four. The charge may change depending on the kind of driving license being transferred.
  • Step 5: Take the driving test (if necessary) in step five. Before transferring your license, the destination state RTO may ask you to take a driving test to check your driving abilities in certain situations. You must pass the driving test if one is necessary for Pass to complete the transfer process.
Quickly transfer a driving license one state to another 2023
How to transfer a driving license from one state to another? Quickly 2023 3
  • Step 6: Get the new driver’s license: The destination state RTO will provide your driving license if your application is accepted and all conditions are met. The license number on the transferred license will match the one that on your original license.

It’s important to remember that depending on the state and the type of license being transferred, the specific procedures and rules for transferring a driving license from one state to another in India may change. For accurate and up-to-date information, it is advised to visit the RTO’s website in the destination state or to get in touch with them personally.

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