Avoid Toll Charges: Learn the NHAI Rules for Toll-Free Travel

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Avoid Toll Charges: Learn the NHAI Rules for Toll-Free Travel

In today’s India, traveling between cities almost always involves paying toll charges. As the number of vehicles and expressways grows, so does the number of toll plazas. While you may have paid tolls countless times, did you know there are two specific rules that allow you to pass through toll plazas without paying? These rules are guaranteed by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).

NHAI Rules for Toll-Free Passage

The NHAI issued an order on May 26, 2021, providing significant relief to drivers. This order outlines two important rules that allow drivers to bypass toll fees under certain conditions. If drivers encounter issues with this facility, they can contact NHAI’s toll-free number for assistance.

Rule 1: Long Queue Exception

According to the NHAI, if there is a long queue at a toll plaza and your vehicle is parked 100 meters or more from the toll booth, you are exempt from paying the toll. To indicate this, a yellow stripe is marked at every toll plaza, showing the 100-meter distance. If your vehicle is beyond this mark, you can pass through without paying.

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Rule 2: Time Limit Exception

NHAI’s second rule states that if you have to wait for more than 10 seconds at a toll plaza, you are allowed to pass without paying the toll fee. This policy aims to reduce congestion and ensure smooth traffic flow. If you experience a wait time exceeding 10 seconds, you can contact the NHAI helpline at 1033 for support.

Challenges in Implementation

Despite these rules, many drivers find it challenging to benefit from them. This difficulty arises primarily because most toll plazas in the country are managed by private companies, and their staff often are unaware of these policies. There have been numerous incidents where toll plaza staff have mistreated drivers who tried to invoke these rules.

To address this issue, NHAI needs to issue clear instructions to toll plaza staff, ensuring these policies are consistently implemented. Proper training and awareness campaigns are essential to make sure all toll plaza personnel are familiar with these regulations and can assist drivers accordingly.


While the NHAI has made provisions to help drivers avoid toll charges under specific circumstances, the real challenge lies in effective implementation. As a driver, knowing these rules can save you time and money. Remember, if you face any issues, the NHAI helpline at 1033 is there to assist you.

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