New WhatsApp beta feature prohibits taking screenshots of profile pictures; Know what’s in store


WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging platforms globally, is making strides in enhancing user privacy with regular updates The company has introduced a new feature aimed at safeguarding users’ profile pictures by preventing screenshots within the WhatsApp beta app. This move comes as part of WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to prioritize user privacy and security.

WhatsApp beta update

Previously, WhatsApp had disabled the option for users to save or download others’ profile pictures, but it has now taken this a step further by implementing a mechanism that blocks the ability to take screenshots altogether. When users attempt to capture a screenshot of a profile picture, they are greeted with a warning message indicating that the action is prohibited due to app restrictions, reported WABetaInfo. This added layer of protection aims to prevent unauthorized users from capturing and sharing profile pictures without consent.

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It’s important to note that WhatsApp does not currently notify users if someone attempts to take a screenshot of their profile picture. Additionally, this feature is currently available only in the beta version of the app for Android users. It may take some time before the feature is rolled out to the stable version of the app, which is used by billions of users globally.

While this update may provide a sense of security for some users, it’s essential to acknowledge that no security measure is foolproof. Despite the inability to take screenshots within the app, individuals can still capture profile pictures using alternative methods, such as taking a photo with another device.

To further enhance privacy settings, WhatsApp users can customize who can view their profile picture from the app’s Settings menu under Privacy Settings. By adjusting these settings, users can control who has access to their profile information, thereby reducing the risk of unauthorized sharing.

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