A smart ring from Samsung will be unveiled during the 2024 Mobile World Congress.

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At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung Electronics Co. plans to introduce its first wearable smart ring as part of its health range.

After teasing it during the unveiling of the Galaxy S24 smartphone series in California last month, the South Korean giant will unveil the Galaxy Ring in public for the first time. Samsung said in a statement on Sunday that the Galaxy Ring provides consumers with more seamless and tailored experiences, supported by advancements in artificial intelligence.

Prior to its general release later this year, Samsung noted that attendees at the Mobile World Congress will also have the opportunity to view new health capabilities on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series when coupled with the Samsung Galaxy S24. The official release of the Galaxy Ring is anticipated for later in 2024.

Health tracking is already a major selling point for watches and smartphones, with Google, Apple Inc., Samsung, and Alphabet Inc. utilizing this capability to draw and keep users.

Developing sensors for continuous glucose monitoring and blood pressure tracking would be especially beneficial advances. For years, Apple has been developing a glucose reader that would help millions of people with diabetes by eliminating the need for skin pricks.

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