Tech News : Understanding Truecaller’s AI Voice Scanner: How It Works and Its Limitations

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Understanding Truecaller's AI Voice Scanner: How It Works and Its Limitations

Introduction to Truecaller’s AI Voice Scanner

In May, caller-identification service Truecaller introduced an innovative AI voice scanner. This technology aims to alert users in real-time if the voice they hear during a phone call is generated by AI. The main goal of this scanner is to help users identify and avoid AI-generated scam or spam calls.

How Does the AI Voice Scanner Work?

The AI voice scanner is a model trained to distinguish between human voices and AI-synthesized voices. While the specifics of the training process and the exact indicators used to differentiate AI-generated voices remain undisclosed, the scanner’s functionality is straightforward. When you receive a call, the model analyzes the voice in real-time and notifies you if it detects synthetic audio elements indicative of AI generation.

Current Limitations of the AI Voice Scanner

Despite its promising capabilities, the AI voice scanner has several limitations. As of now, it only works with English language audios. This means that non-English calls cannot be effectively scanned for AI-generated voices. Truecaller’s team, including Raphael Mimoun and Roy Festinger, has acknowledged this limitation and is actively working to make the scanner compatible with Hindi and potentially other languages in the future.

Challenges in Detecting Audio Deepfakes

One of the significant challenges in detecting audio deepfakes lies in the sophistication of AI technologies used to create them. As these technologies evolve, they produce voices that sound increasingly human-like, making it harder to detect synthetic elements. Moreover, the lack of transparency regarding the training data and identifiers used by Truecaller’s model adds another layer of complexity to the detection process. As the technology improves, so does the need for more advanced and transparent detection methods.


Truecaller’s AI voice scanner represents a step forward in combating AI-generated spam and scam calls. While it has its limitations, particularly in its current language support, ongoing developments promise to enhance its capabilities. As the fight against audio deepfakes continues, technologies like Truecaller’s AI voice scanner will be crucial in protecting users from sophisticated AI-generated threats.

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