Lost earbud? Here’s how you can track its location 2023

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Dropped an earbud? Here’s how you can track its location - Bugs Solutions

many people, Lost earbuds. and don’t know how to track wireless earphones are now a must-have audio accessory. Their stylish design, excellent sound quality, and lack of visible wires make them the perfect portable music player. They are, however, more vulnerable to unintentional drops and losses due to their wire-free design, particularly in windy environments.

Good news! With their earphones, Samsung and Apple include advanced software that lets you track the location of your headphones even when they’re not linked to your phone. To find out how to find your missing earphones quickly, keep reading.

How to track your lost Samsung Galaxy earbuds

By merging SmartThings Find with the Galaxy Wearables app, Samsung provides a powerful tracking system. You can use Galaxy Wearables to find your Lost earbuds if they have some battery left and were last connected to your phone.

To begin, simply launch the Galaxy Wearables app, select “Find My Earbuds,” and press “Start.” Your earphones will start ringing, making it easier for you to locate them. Tapping “Find My Earbuds” will launch the SmartThings Find app and display the last recorded location of your buds on a map for those Buds models that are more recently closely linked with SmartThings. You can then select “Ring” to hear them beep or “Navigate” to receive walking directions from Google Maps that will lead you to their position.

Open SmartThings Find, find your Buds model under “Devices,” choose “Find Device,” scroll down, and turn on “Notify when left behind” to prevent losing your earbuds in the future. In order to improve your ability to keep track of your earbuds, this function will alert you if you move too far away from them.

How to track your lost Earbud Apple AirPods

Similar to Galaxy Wearables, Apple‘s Find My app provides tracking capabilities, but it has one more benefit: it connects to the extensive Find My network, which consists of hundreds of millions of Apple devices. Even when your AirPods are offline, this network can identify Bluetooth signals from misplaced AirPods and provide their location back to you—a feature that other companies do not yet provide.

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Locate your AirPods in the “Devices” section of the Find My app if you can’t find them. Select left, right, or case according on the particular component you lost. On a map, the app will display their most recent known location. To make it easier to monitor where you are, select “Play Sound” to make your AirPods sound. Select “Get Directions” to launch Apple Maps and get walking directions to your AirPods if they are farther away.

, you can use Apple’s special tracking network by marking your AirPods as misplaced in Find My. To activate your AirPods, swipe up on the entry and choose “Mark as Lost” after that. In order to enable anyone who finds your AirPods to return them, simply follow the on-screen instructions to input your contact details.

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