“Charge IPhone Till 80%”: Ex-Apple Employee Provides Tips For Maximizing iPhone Battery Life

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"Charge IPhone Till 80%": Ex-Apple Employee Provides Tips For Maximizing iPhone Battery Life

The low battery life of phones has frequently been a source of frustration for users. But Tyler Morgan, a former Apple sales representative, has been posting interesting pointers and strategies for Tips Maximizing iPhone Battery Life . Morgan revealed things that Apple does not want its consumers to know in videos he posted on TikTok when he was in sales, according to the Daily Mail.

His helpful battery-saving recommendations and effective iPhone usage advice were posted on TikTok in December 2023, aimed at those who use their phones a lot during the day.

Tyler Morgan cautions against fully charging an iPhone or leaving it plugged in overnight, according to The New York Post. He also advises disabling Bluetooth and background activity. Due to the chemical aging that occurs when batteries reach their maximum capacity, Morgan advises keeping the battery charge to no more than 80%.

To enable [charging optimisation], go to Settings, Battery, Battery Health, and Charging. In his video, Tyler Morgan stated, “If you want to be extra cautious, set it to 80%,” as cited by The New York Post. Tyler Morgan continued, “Your battery gets a four-fold boost if you charge your iPhone overnight because it stays plugged in for six to eight hours.”

In addition, Tyler Morgan suggested that iPhone users turn off background activity, which stops apps from operating when not in use. To accomplish this, go to Settings, choose General, and finally choose Background App Refresh. Users can view a list of background apps that they can disable from that point on. Moreover, all activity stops when the iPhone is in Low Power Mode.

You won’t get notifications from Facebook and Instagram if you disable this feature, but your battery life will be extended. According to The New York Post, Tyler Morgan went on to offer a plethora of additional suggestions for slowing down the rate at which an iPhone battery discharges. When an app is not being used, he suggested turning off its location services.

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Go to Settings, choose Privacy & Security, and then tap on Tracking to see the apps that have asked to follow you. Any program on the list can then have its permissions enabled or disabled. Turn off the “Allow Apps to Request to Track” option to stop any app from seeking permission to track you.

The TikToker also recommended turning off Siri and reducing the phone’s brightness. Nevertheless, users need to turn off Bluetooth in the settings for it to stop functioning. In closing, he acknowledged that while implementing these suggestions would probably make your phone experience worse, they would really help you use less battery.

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