Top Solutions for Instagram Not Working DMs (Message)

Whether we like to admit it or not, a lot of us spend a significant amount of time each day on Instagram. It’s an app we can’t stop using, from contacting friends and family to continue browsing through the newest Instagram Reels. However, Instagram is susceptible to a few issues, bugs, and glitches just like any other software. Instagram Not Working DMs (Message) The Instagram DM feature not working for users is a typical happening. Instagram DMs become useless as a result because you are unable to send, receive, or view messages. There are various solutions available if your Instagram DMs aren’t functioning for you. I’ve put together a list of solutions you may use to ensure that your Instagram DMs resume functioning.

Solutions for Instagram Not Working DM (Message)

What Causes Instagram DMs (Message) to Not Work?

There could be a number of reasons why your Instagram DMs aren’t working. The exact cause, however, might be anything and differ based on the design of your Instagram app, your ISP, the health of the Instagram servers, and more. The following are the most common causes of Instagram DM issues:

Server mistakes or an outage are occasionally the most frequent causes of Instagram DMs not functioning. It may affect not only your messages but also posts, clips, and general use.

Internet problems: If your internet provider has a history of connection issues, you may be experiencing unstable connectivity or patchy coverage. This will negatively impact not just how you use Instagram but also how you use the internet overall. Additionally, a VPN service like Express VPN can interfere with your internet connection and make it difficult to use Instagram.

Old Version of Instagram: Instagram, like all other apps, frequently receives upgrades to maintain performance and stability. It’s possible that this problem has been resolved but you haven’t heard about it if you’ve missed too many updates.

These are just a few possible explanations for why you could not be receiving Instagram DMs, and the list isn’t complete. It might be one or the other, depending on the problem. However, keep reading to learn how to fix Instagram DMs that aren’t working on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Top Solutions for Instagram DMs That Aren’t Working

1. Update your Instagram for Not Working Instagram DMs (Message)

We previously noted the possibility that you might be using a previous version of Instagram, which would make the DMs crash and stop functioning. For individuals who have disabled auto updates and refuse to update the application themselves, that might be the case. The same thing occurs if you use an app’s beta version as well.

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Instagram may cease to function after a specific build date, but even one version older may seriously harm your phone. In addition to potential issues, there can be security updates that you are missing. I advise updating Instagram as soon as possible for all of these reasons and more. You can do that by going to the appropriate iOS App Store or Google Play Store and updating the app. Alternately, you can use the links provided here to download the most recent versions of Instagram for iOS and Android.

Instagram New Version

2. Sign out and then back in for Not Working Instagram DMs (Message)

When their Instagram DMs weren’t functioning, some users found this way to be effective. Therefore, your next step is to log out of Instagram and then log back in. However, before logging back in, restart the app fully by removing it from the multitasking tray. The process is the same for Android, however we’ll quickly go over how to log out on iOS.

3. Clear Instagram Cache for Not Working Instagram DMs (Message)

Instagram stores a limited amount of information on how you use the app on your device in the form of cache, just like other apps. It builds up in your phone’s storage and consists of information like your media cache and app settings. The Instagram cache, like all other types of app cache, can, however, become faulty as a result of a mistake. As a result, Instagram DMs may not function properly.

Whether you’ve used Instagram for a while or are just now downloading it, your smartphone has already cached some cache. On both your Android and iOS phone, clearing the Instagram cache is now simple. Depending on your platform,

4. Contact Instagram Support for Not Working Instagram DMs (Message)

Usually, all that is required to get Instagram DMs working is to follow the instructions above. But if none of the above solutions have helped you, try this. Even if it’s your last option, getting in touch with Instagram support should help you find the answer you need to restore access to your DMs. Instagram has made it simple to get in touch with its support staff if that’s the path you want to take.

Shake your phone when on the DM screen to show the screen for reporting errors. To describe your issue, click the “Report a problem” button here and follow the instructions. Media attachments are unaffected since Instagram will automatically include screenshots of the problem. However, you can contact Instagram Support (visit) and peruse their resources if you want to troubleshoot the issue before reporting it.

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