Now You Can buy Indian railways platform tickets online 2023

Indian Railways, the country’s transport backbone, links millions of people every day. It is necessary to get a platform ticket in order to access the train platforms, no matter whether you are a passenger or are only following someone to the station. By launching online booking services through the app UTS, the Indian Railways has simplified the process of buying platform tickets in this digital age. Download the train-specific app from the Google Play Store.

Here is an instructional guide on how to purchase platform tickets for Indian Railways online.

  • Download the app and register your information. Refilling your R-wallet with money through UPI, online banking, a credit card, or a debit card is important. The UTS app users will immediately receive a 3% discount on the R-wallet charge.
  • On the app’s home screen, click Platform Booking.
  • The app will use your location to find the closest stations to you.
  • Decide between paper or paperless.
  • Decide the station you wish to purchase a platform ticket. Choose the payment methods and the Number of tickets you wish to purchase. Along with other alternatives like debit cards, credit cards, and others, the app provides a Rwallet option.
  • Click the “Book Tickets” button.
  • Following a successful transaction.
  • You can view tickets on the UTS app by choosing the “show ticket” option.
  • Paper tickets can be printed at the automatic ticket machine (ATVM) or main booking counter using the booking ID that was acquired from a notice in the UTS app.

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You cannot cancel a paperless ticket. A user can show their ticket to the TTE (Travelling Ticket Examiner) or TC using the “Show Ticket” function of the app.

What is the full form of TTE

(Travelling Ticket Examiner)

How to purchase platform tickets for Indian Railways online

1. Download the app and register your information.
2. Refill your R-wallet using UPI, online banking, credit card, or debit card.
3. Click on “Platform Booking” on the app’s home screen.
4. Choose between paper or paperless tickets.
5. Select the station, payment method, and number of tickets.
6. Click “Book Tickets.”
7. View tickets on the UTS app under the “show ticket” option.
8. Print paper tickets at ATVM or the main booking counter using the booking ID from the UTS app.

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