4 Tire Brands You Should Definitely Avoid Purchasing

Falken  Even in dry conditions, falken tires have insufficient traction. The grip of these tires deteriorates worse on damp or slick conditions. 

Accelera Tires  This brand's name is misleading. Although one of the main criticisms of Accelera tires is that they don't help with car acceleration as much as one may think. Customers have reported that when the tires accelerate rapidly, they lose traction. Additionally, they struggle with harsh braking. These tires have significantly too long of a stopping distance, especially in wet situations. The Acclera tires have extremely little overall traction. 

Autogreen  Tires that are autogreen have several drawbacks. Even on dry roads, the grip of these tires is inadequate. It is much worse on wet roads. At high speeds, the tires vibrate noticeably, indicating that they are losing safe touch with the road.

Geostar   The riding quality of Geostar tires is rougher than that of many other similar tires. Even worse, these tires have the potential to lose traction when turning, which is quite dangerous.