Tamil Nadu village Odanthurai went from struggling to self-sufficient with wind power & gov't aid.

By Pankaj

A Village in Need: Odanthurai, a village in Tamil Nadu, once lacked basic amenities like electricity and proper housing. Many residents were forced to leave due to poor living conditions.

Vision for Change: In 1996, the panchayat, led by Sarpanch R. Shanmugam, envisioned a self-sufficient future for Odanthurai.

Wind Power Solution: The panchayat secured a loan and built a 350-kilowatt windfarm in Udumalai village. This windfarm now generates electricity for the village and even sells surplus power to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. 

Government Support: Odanthurai benefitted from government schemes like the Green India Scheme, which provided well-built homes and rooftop solar panels for villagers.

Education and Upliftment: Schools were built to address the lack of educational facilities. Additionally, poverty alleviation programs were implemented.

1. A Model Village: Today, Odanthurai is a national leader in self-employment and energy education, inspiring other villages across India.

– The village's transformation under the leadership of R. Shanmugam.