Best Ranking Camera Phone for Photography 2024

1. Huawei Pura 70 Ultra Camera  2. Honor Magic6 Pro Camera 

Huawei Pura 70 Ultra

This camera captures stunning photos and videos in any light. It balances exposure and contrast for perfect shots, and shines on HDR displays with exceptional color and detail. With lightning-fast autofocus and smooth stabilization, you'll never miss a moment.


Honor Magic6 Pro

Natural colors: The camera captures photos and videos with realistic and pleasing colors. – Sharpness: Good detail is maintained across different zoom levels, ensuring clear images even when zoomed in. – Fast Focus: Autofocus is quick and accurate, especially in photos, guaranteeing crisp captures of fleeting moments. – Portrait Mode: Bokeh effects create a nice background blur, effectively separating the subject from the background. – Depth & Range: The camera handles scenes with objects at varying distances well, keeping them all in focus. Additionally, it captures a wide dynamic range, preserving details in both highlights and shadows. – Face Exposure: Both photos and videos showcase accurate exposure on faces, ensuring well-lit and natural-looking portraits.


Oppo Find X7 Ultr

Natural Colors: The camera reproduces accurate and pleasing colors in both photos and videos. – Superb Bokeh: The phone creates a fantastic background blur effect (bokeh) that effectively isolates the subject with high levels of detail, making portraits and close-ups stunning. – Sharp Zoom: Even at medium and long zoom ranges, the camera captures impressive detail, allowing you to zoom in without sacrificing clarity. – Low-Light Performance: It manages noise well even in low-light conditions, resulting in photos and videos with good detail and minimal grain. – Balanced Exposure: The camera maintains accurate exposure across different lighting scenarios, ensuring both highlights and shadows remain well-detailed in portraits and landscapes.pen_spark tuneshare more_vert Upload an image This prompt requires an image that you need to add. Tap the image button to upload an image.       Got itDo you need a little help with this prompt? Power up your prompt and Gemini will expand it to get you better result Got it


Vivo X100 Pro 

Low Noise: Both photos and videos exhibit minimal graininess, ensuring a clear and clean look. – Decent Detail: While not exceptional, the camera captures fairly good detail in photos and videos across different zoom levels. – Sharp Zoom: Detail and noise are well-managed even when zoomed in, allowing for clear close-up shots. – Portrait Mode: The camera produces portraits with good contrast between the subject and the background. – Autofocus: Autofocus in photo mode is reasonably accurate and fast. – Outdoor Video Color: White balance and color reproduction are generally accurate in outdoor videos


Huawei Mate 60 Pro+

Dynamic Range and Exposure: It captures a very wide range of tones, preserving details in highlights and shadows. Exposure is accurate, especially for portraits and landscapes. – Color: The camera delivers pleasing colors in most lighting conditions. – Sharpness and Noise: It strikes a good balance between capturing fine textures and minimizing noise in photos and zoomed-in images. This results in very good detail and low noise levels. – Focus and Stabilization: Autofocus is fast and accurate, ensuring crisp photos. Video stabilization is fairly effective, minimizing shakiness. – Depth of Field and Bokeh: The adjustable aperture allows for optimal background blur (depth of field) depending on the scene. Portrait mode creates a nice blur effect with accurate subject isolation. – Macro: The 3.5x telephoto lens offers a good perspective for close-up shots, allowing you to capture macro details with clarity.


Google Pixel 8 Pro

Color Consistency: The camera produces pleasant colors in both photos and videos, regardless of the lighting scenario. – Accurate Skin Tones: Skin tones are realistically captured and maintained across different lighting conditions. – Fast Focus: Autofocus is quick and accurate in both photos and videos, ensuring sharp captures. – Balanced Exposure: Subject exposure is generally accurate for both videos and photos, preventing blown-out highlights or underexposed shadows. – Sharpness Across Zoom: The camera maintains good detail in photos even when zoomed in, and macro images also boast impressive sharpness. – Steady Shots: The phone's stabilization system effectively minimizes shakiness in most lighting conditions, resulting in smooth videos and clear photos.