*Sign in to Facebook*: Go to Facebook.com and sign in with your personal account.

*Go to Pages*: Once you're logged in, click on the "Pages" link in the left sidebar

*Choose Page Type*: Facebook will show you different types of pages you can create.

*Enter Page Information*: Depending on the type of page you chose, you'll be prompted to enter specific information such as the page name, category, and description.


Add Profile Picture and Cover Photo*: Upload a profile picture and cover photo for your page

*Verify Your Channel (Optional)*: Depending on your account status and the features you want to access, you may need to verify your channel.

*Customize Page Settings*: Click on the "Settings" tab at the top right corner of your page to access page settings

*Create Your First Post*: Start engaging with your audience by creating your first post. You can share text updates, photos, videos, links, events, or polls. 

*Invite Friends to Like Your Page*: Click on the "Invite Friends" button on your page and select friends from your personal Facebook account to invite them to like your page.

*Promote Your Page*: Share your page's URL on your personal Facebook profile, other social media platforms, and your website to attract more followers.