Deleting your personal information from the internet can be a challenging task because once information is online, it can spread and become difficult to completely remove. 

Identify and Assess: Start by identifying where your personal information is located online. 

Delete Unused Accounts: Log in to your accounts on various websites and platforms. Delete or deactivate accounts that you no longer use or need.  


Review Privacy Settings: For accounts you wish to keep, review and adjust privacy settings to limit the visibility of your personal information. 

Search Engines: Request removal of outdated or irrelevant search results from search engines like Google. You can submit removal requests through Google's Removals Tool. 

Directories and People Search Websites: Contact websites that host directories or people search databases. Request removal of your personal information. 

Contact Website Administrators: For websites or platforms where your personal information is posted without your consent or is difficult to remove, contact the website administrators or webmasters. 


Be Cautious with New Information: Be mindful of sharing personal information online in the future.