Giant leap for mankind...well, astronauts!

Image Source : Google

The International Space Station (ISS) just witnessed a historic moment: the first-ever metal 3D printing in space! This incredible feat opens doors for future space exploration and manufacturing.

ESA's (European Space Agency) astronaut Andreas Mogensen installed a special 3D printer on the ISS back in January. This printer uses a high-powered laser to melt stainless steel wire, building objects layer by layer.

Their first print? A small, S-shaped test line. But this seemingly simple line represents a giant leap forward. It paves the way for printing more complex parts in space, giving astronauts more independence and reducing reliance on pre-supplied items.

ESA is analyzing the S-curve and printing more complex shapes for further testing. This is an exciting time for space exploration, and 3D printing is sure to play a major role in the future!

Here the video of  Metal 3D Printing on Space Station