Google is a vast topic that encompasses a wide range of subjects due to its influence and impact on various aspects of modern life. Here are some interesting angles you could explore: 

History and Evolution: Trace the origins of Google from its humble beginnings in a garage to its current status as one of the world's most valuable companies 

Technological Innovations: Discuss Google's contributions to technology, such as its search algorithms, artificial intelligence advancements  


Impact on Society: Analyze how Google has influenced society, including changes in communication, access to information, privacy concerns, and its role in shaping digital literacy and education. 

Business Practices: Investigate Google's business model, revenue streams (advertising, cloud services, hardware), acquisitions (YouTube, Nest), and its competitive landscape in industries like online advertising and mobile operating systems. 

Corporate Culture and Leadership: Explore Google's unique workplace culture, including its approach to employee benefits, innovation, and its leadership under figures like Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Sundar Pichai. 

Ethical and Legal Issues: Discuss controversies and legal challenges Google has faced regarding data privacy, antitrust issues, censorship, and its role in spreading misinformation 


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