How much government spend on women safety 

Umbrella Scheme on Safety of Women:  This program aims to improve women's safety through stricter laws, faster justice delivery, and support structures for victims. It has a budget of ₹1,179.72 crore for 2021-26.

Nirbhaya Fund: Established in 2013 after the horrific Delhi gangrape case, this fund supports initiatives like women's helplines and safer public transport. However, allocations have decreased over the years, raising concerns.

 Is the Spending Enough? Low per capita spending:  Studies show India spends only a fraction of a dollar per woman annually on combating violence against women.

Underutilized funds:  Reports suggest that allocated funds like the Nirbhaya Fund are not fully utilized, hindering program effectiveness.

What can be done? Increase budgetary allocation:  A significant rise in government spending on women's safety schemes is crucial. Better fund utilization:  Ensuring allocated funds are efficiently used for designated programs is essential. Focus on preventative measures:  Investing in initiatives that address the root causes of violence can create a safer environment.