A behavior illness known as internet addiction is typified by obsessive and excessive internet use that seriously impairs or distresses daily functioning. 

You can have an addiction if you find it difficult to control how much time you spend online, spend more than you wanted to, and fail to cut back on your usage. Track your internet usage and make a note of any unsuccessful attempts to cut back on consumption to identify this. 

An clear indication of internet addiction is withdrawal symptoms, such as feeling angry, anxious or sadness while not using the internet. When you are not using the internet, you could hunger for it. 

Depending on the internet to shut out bad emotions and forget about issues or stress is a sign of addiction. Examine your motivations for using the internet to determine this, particularly if they involve running away from reality. 

Another indication of an addiction is lying to loved ones or friends about how much time you spend online or disguising your online activities. Take note of any feelings you may have to hide your internet activities. 

Addiction is indicated by losing interest in once-enjoyed activities and infrequently participating in offline hobbies or social gatherings. Take note if engaging in offline activities appears dull in comparison to online ones.