Everything You Didn't Know About Hotel star rating

By Pankaj

A hotel's rating is indicated by its hotel stars. 

Hotels can be rated anywhere from one to five stars, with one star denoting the lowest quality or most basic accommodations and five stars denoting the best quality.   

– Most basic accommodation – Bed and bathroom (may not include TV or other amenities) – No guarantee of daily cleaning or 24-hour reception – Examples: hostels, backpacker motel – Most affordable option

1-Star Hotelt

2-Star Hotel

– Step up from 1-star hotel – Offer a few amenities (daily housekeeping, 24-hour reception, phone/TV in room) – Some offer continental breakfast – Examples: budget chain motels (Comfort Inn, La Quinta) – Affordable option with slightly more amenities than 1-star hotel

2-star vs 3-star hotel

– Fitness centers help you stay active on the go. - On-site dining options  -Pools are often available for a refreshing dip .

4 Star Hotel

- Luxurious Rooms - Extensive Amenities  -4 star hotels cater to guests seeking a luxurious and convenient stay with top-notch service and amenities.

5-star Hotel

– Unparalleled service, personalized details (exceptional staff, opulent facilities, in-room luxuries)