The World’s First Pig Kidney Transplant Patient Die

the world’s first man to receive a genetically modified pig kidney transplant has passed away just two months after the groundbreaking surgery. Richard “Rick” Slayman, who had been suffering from end-stage kidney disease 

The world’s first pig kidney transplant patient, Richard Slayman, has sadly passed away two months after the groundbreaking surgery. While his death is not believed to be a result of the transplant 

At the age of 62, Slayman not only suffered from end-stage kidney disease but also had type 2 diabetes and hypertension. In 2018, he underwent a human kidney transplant, which initially proved successful. However, after five years, the transplanted kidney began to fail.

the pig kidney transplant in March, Slayman’s doctors confirmed that he no longer required dialysis as the new organ was functioning properly