Tips to Make Your AC Cool Faster

By Pankaj

Choose the right type of AC  Up to 80 sq.ft 0.8  ton Up to 100 sq.ft 1.0 ton Up to 150 sq.ft 1.5 ton Up to 200  sq. ft 2.0 

Service your AC regularly Throughout the year, dust and debris continue to build up around the outside AC unit. An air conditioner can be left unattended for seven to eight months in India, which speeds up the accumulation of dirt. This may have an impact on how well your air conditioner cools down or, worse, could result in permanent harm.   

Keep the filters clean and replace them promptly You will constantly breathe cold, pure air thanks to the air filters in your air conditioning unit (which also stop dust and allergens from moving throughout your house). However, as you continue to use the machine, dust and debris accumulate over time.   

Maintain the right AC temperature  Keep things steady, as they say. Keeping the temperature steady is preferable to turning on the air conditioner to full chill for a little period of time and then turning it back up. Resetting the temperature to 24 degrees Celsius can help you save up to 24% on energy costs, according to BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). 

Close the windows and doors while you keep the AC on When you keep the AC on, ensure that the doors and windows in the room are closed tightly. 

Try to keep the lights and exhaust off