Top Android Features You Never Use but Should

1. Smart Lock Unlock your phone hassle-free in trusted locations without a passcode or fingerprint. Simply set a specific location in your settings where your phone stays unlocked.

2. Force Peak Refresh Rate Enjoy smooth gaming and video streaming by forcing your phone to use the highest refresh rate available. Access this feature in developer options and turn on 'Force peak refresh rate.'


3. Work Profile Separate work from personal life with the work profile setting. Pause work-related notifications when you're off the clock and stay focused during work hours by minimizing distractions.

4. Live Translate Travel effortlessly with Google Lens' 'Translate' feature. Point your camera at text in over 100 languages for real-time translations superimposed on the image. Perfect for reading signs and menus abroad.

5. Night Light Reduce eye strain and improve sleep by enabling Night Light. This feature dims your screen and applies an amber tint, making it comfortable to use your phone at night.