A transgender lady makes history by winning Miss Maryland USA and setting several pageant firsts.

Bailey Anne Kennedy, wearing a Miss Maryland 2024 sash and a tiara, grins while shedding tears from her eyes. Behind her, other beauty pageant candidates smile and cheer as the previous year's winner fixes her sash. (Miss Maryland USA/Anthony M. Gomes) 


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She is 31. She got married to an officer in the military. She is American-Asian. She is also transgender.

Bailey Anne Kennedy broke nearly every milestone in the state's pageant history when she was crowned Miss Maryland USA on Saturday. She succeeded in her first pageant as well. 

Breaking Barriers: Bailey Anne Kennedy Vies to Be Oldest and First Trans Miss USA

She will now compete in Los Angeles on August 4 to try to become the oldest and first trans Miss USA, making even more history. Women above the age of 28 were previously prohibited from competing in the contest. For the previous ten years, transgender athletes have been permitted to compete.

Kataluna Enriquez was the first transgender person to win the Miss Nevada title in 2021. Transgender contestant Angela Ponce represented Spain in the 2018 Miss Universe competition. 

According to the Trans Murder Monitoring report, which keeps track of all killings reported in the media each year, 321 transgender and gender nonconforming people were slain between October 1, 2022, and September 30, 2023.