Types Of Number Plate : Different Colours On Registration Plate

By Pankaj

Yellow Number Plate  Trucks, buses, and taxis are examples of commercial vehicles with yellow registration plates with black text on them. These have state and district codes written in an alphanumeric manner, just as white plates.

White Number Plate  White registration plates are the most popular kind and are usually seen on private, non-commercial automobiles. The state, district, and vehicle's unique registration number are displayed on these plates using alphanumeric characters.

Green license plates   Green license plates are becoming more common as electric vehicles are being more widely used. Regardless of the kind of vehicle, electric vehicles are only permitted to have green license plates. These plates use the same alphanumeric format as the white and yellow plates, but with a green backdrop and white writing.

Red Number Plates  \Temporary red license plates are mostly utilized for testing. They are given to cars that are being used for testing, demonstration, or transit on public roads but have not yet received an official registration.  

Blue Number Plates  Vehicles registered to foreign diplomats, embassies, or consulates are only permitted to have blue license plates. The badge or insignia of the diplomat's nation is displayed with white letters and numbers on these Ministry of Foreign Affairs-issued cards.  

Black Number Plates  Commercial vehicles with self-driven rental plates have black number plates. These license plates are mostly found in cities and are exclusively meant for business use.