An email attack refers to any malicious activity carried out through email.  

These attacks can take various forms, targeting individuals, organizations, or systems. Here are some common types of email attacks.

Phishing: This is the most common type where attackers impersonate legitimate entities to trick users into divulging sensitive information such as passwords or credit card numbers.  


Spoofing: Attackers forge the sender's email address to appear as though the email comes from a trusted source, aiming to deceive the recipient. – 

Malware attachments: Emails may contain attachments, such as viruses or ransomware, designed to infect the recipient's computer when opened. – 

Malicious links: Emails may contain links to malicious websites that install malware or attempt to steal login credentials when clicked. – 

CEO fraud or Business Email Compromise (BEC): Targeted at businesses, these attacks involve impersonating executives or other trusted figures to trick employees into transferring money or sensitive information. 


Email bombing: Involves sending a massive number of emails to overwhelm the recipient's inbox or server.