Keep Your Android Battery Strong: Easy Steps to Check and Maintain Your Phone’s Health

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Keep Your Android Battery Strong: Easy Steps to Check and Maintain Your Phone's Health

It is essential to keep an eye on the condition of your Android battery for multiple reasons. Monitoring the condition of your battery will help it last longer and help you decide whether to replace it. While there are many of apps available for monitoring an Android phone’s battery life, you can also get a good deal of usage out of the os system’s built-in functions.You can check the power use of your phone under the Settings. A lot of phones display the apps that use the most battery life, and some even indicate the temperature of the battery.

Android provides built-in features that allow you to monitor your phone’s power usage. Follow these simple steps

The one located under Settings > Battery > Battery Usage, displays the battery’s usage since its previous full charge. Additionally, this screen displays the apps that are using up battery life.

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There is an icon with three dots at the top of the screen. The phone gives you the option to view battery use by app when you press this. By choosing an Optimal, Unrestricted, or Restricted power usage model, you can also use this to choose how much battery life apps allow you to use.Users of Android can also view information about their phone, use data, and wireless network usage by accessing the phone’s hidden diagnostic menu. It’s still important to attempt even though a lot of Android phones don’t show battery statistics.

Hidden Diagnostic Menu to check Android Battery

Open the Phone app and type ##4636## to access this. After that, the phone will try to launch the diagnostic screen. It’s possible that some phones prevent access to this data, though.

Many apps offer access to more information. For this purpose, a lot of phone makers have their own apps. For instance, Samsung Members display both battery capacity and health. It is time to replace the battery if it flashes red, indicating that its life is coming to an end.

Third-party apps can be used in the event that the phone manufacturer does not provide such a feature. For example, the Google Play Store offers two free apps called AccuBattery and CPU-Z that let you monitor battery life in detail. These apps have the ability to provide measurement logs, health assessments, charging histories, and battery discharge rates.

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