Still waiting on your ITR refund? What You Can Do To Receive Your Claim More Quickly

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Still waiting on your ITR refund? What You Can Do To Receive Your Claim More Quickly

In India, when you file your income tax return, and if you have paid more taxes than you owe, you are eligible for a refund.

Thousands of people are still waiting for their income tax refunds. The Income Tax Department has sent out an advisory to these individuals informing them that ITR refunds would only be given to accounts that have been verified.

Alert from the Income Tax Department

Only the verified bank account will get the money back, according to the Income Tax Department on social networking sites. Everyone should visit the e-filing portal in this case to verify that their bank account is real.

How long does it take to get a refund?      

If you have submitted your ITR in accordance with all requirements, you will often get your return within six months. The return procedure has, however, been significantly faster recently.

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As soon as the IT department issues the payment, you will get a message. Additionally, you can keep track by visiting to the Income Tax website.

Additionally, it said that if your bank account had already been verified, it needed to be done so again due to changes in your bank account information.

How do you verify your account on the income tax website?

  • You must first visit the Income Tax website.
  • After that, enter your login information.
  • Navigate to the profile area after logging in.
    There, click on “My Bank Account.”
  • After that, you can add a bank account or revalidate your account.

However, the account must be revalidated even if the bank branch is combined or relocated.

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