Government introduces stricter rules for SIM card sales

The Indian government is making it more difficult to get fresh SIM cards. They want to make sure the procedure is secure and safe. To control the nation’s use of SIM cards, the Department of Telecom (DoT) has released two circulars. Individual SIM card users, such as you and I, are subject to the first directive. The second directive aims to alter how SIM cards are marketed and targets telecom firms like Airtel and Jio. What you should know is as follows.

1. Stricter Rules for Shops

Sim card retailers will need to use greater caution. They must do a background investigation on all employees. If they don’t, each establishment might face a fine of up to?10 lakh. On October 1, 2023, these regulations take effect. Shops already in operation have until September 30, 2024, to comply with the new regulations.

2. Telecom Companies’ Responsibility

Big mobile phone companies like Airtel and Jio have to check the stores where their SIM cards are sold. They must ensure that the stores abide with the regulations. This is to maintain safety and security.

3. Police Checks in Some Areas

Before allowing retailers to sell new SIM cards in locations like Assam, Kashmir, and the North East, telecom providers are required to get a police check. To increase security, do this extra step.

4. More Verification for Everyone

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You will go through a thorough verification procedure when you purchase a new SIM card or receive a replacement because your previous one was lost or destroyed. This procedure is identical to getting a new SIM card. To ensure that only authorised individuals can use SIM cards.

Simply put, the purpose of these new regulations is to protect SIM cards from fraud and to stop thieves from gaining access to phones. It’s a crucial action to safeguard the country and its citizens. It’s critical for telecom providers and consumers to get ready for the new regulations as these changes are about to go into effec

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