Google has banned 36 malicious Android apps from the Play Store, which have over 100 million downloads

Google Has Banned Android Apps

Google has banned 36 malicious Android apps from the Play Store, which have over 100 million downloads More than 30 illegal Android apps have been removed by Google from the Play Store after being identified by McAfee. The company’s research team identified some Android apps that pose serious risks because they are capable of carrying out a number of activities without the owner of the smartphone’s knowledge or permission.

According To McAfee

According to research by McAfee, its team found a program called Goldoson that can gather details of the apps that are installed on a phone, a history of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth device information, as well as location data for nearby devices. Additionally, the collection has the ability to click in ad fraud by silently clicking on advertising without the user’s knowledge.

According to the stated source, this company has identified more than 60 apps that contain this dangerous third-party library, and these apps have received more than 100 million downloads from the ONE store and Google Play. Google then removed some of the harmful apps from the Play Store. The company has upgraded the remaining 60 apps while banning 36 of them.

The report added, “We notified the detected apps to Google, who immediately took action. In order to bring their apps into accordance with Google Play rules, the developers have been notified by Google.

The apps such as InfinitySolitaire, Snake Ball Lover, Swipe Brick Breaker 2, UBhind: Mobile Tracker Manager, Bounce Brick Breaker, Infinite Slice, Compass 9: Smart Compass, and more have been removed from Google Play Store. The developers of apps such as Money Manager Expense & Budget, GOM Player, Korea Subway Info: Metroid, Money Manager, and more have updated them. People can check out the full list of apps here.

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Advised To Users

While many apps that have been banned are not visible on Play Store, users are advised to update the apps to the latest version or remove them as they have been identified as a big threat to Android phone users. Additionally, users are advised to take precautions before downloading any app from the Play Store or any other third-party service.

One should first check the name of the developer, the number of downloads, the comments section, how many known apps the developer has created, and the preview section of the app to find out if the images are genuine or fake. People are advised to properly check any app before installing it on their smartphone to be on the safe side.

Upgrade Their Apps

Users are advised to upgrade their apps to the most recent version or delete them since they have been identified as presenting a serious threat to users of Android smartphones, even if many banned apps are not easily accessible through the Play Store.

Before downloading any app from the Play Store or any other third-party service, users are also recommended to take care. To determine whether the images are real or fake, one should first look at the developer’s name, the number of downloads, the comments area, how many other applications the creator is known for having made, and the app’s preview section. on be safe, it is essential that users carefully review any application before downloading it on their smartphone.

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