Soon You can Create Your AI Friend On Instagram : Bugs Solutions

Instagram, the widely used social media site for sharing photos and videos and owned by Meta, is apparently testing a new feature named “AI friend.” With the help of this function, users can design their own customized AI-powered imaginary acquaintance.

Famous source Alessandro Paluzzi posted screenshots on the microblogging site X, formerly known as Twitter, stating that “Instagram is working on the capacity to create an AI friend.”

Users will be able to communicate with the AI through chat in order to “answer queries, go through any issues, develop ideas and much more,” according to Paluzzi.

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Users will be able to customize the attributes of their AI companion, including age and gender (female, male, or non-binary), based on the screenshots that have been provided. Users can also personalize features like interests, personality traits, and ethnicity.

Choose your AI friend’s interests to further personalize it; your choices will impact both its personality and the content of its discussions. Animals, careers, education, entertainment, music, nature, and more are among the alternatives. The Meta-owned app will let users name and choose avatars for their AI friends once these customizations are complete.

Screenshots appear to indicate that users will be able to identify their AI buddy. After that, a chat window will appear, and you can click a button to initiate a conversation with the AI.

Instagram hasn’t, however, released an official remark regarding the planned feature. It is crucial that readers hold off until the social media network makes an official declaration.

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